This is a chance that you can claim 'Paraben-Free' to your customers!

According to our marketing survey, 80% of cosmetics use Methyl Paraben as a preservative. In recent years, many people worry it may adversely affect human body. Actually, many women feel skin irritation as they use cosmetics containing Paraben.
Because of this, cosmetic manufacturers has been seeking the alternative.
As a solution of such issue, we would like to offer Ionpure, which is safer than Methyl Paraben.

*Example of usage: liquid soaps, baths and shower products, creams, lotions.


  • Safe!
  • Good cost performance! ( Show efficacy at lower dosage level )
  • Works against a wide range of bacteria/fungi!



Bacteria mainly grows in water part of cosmetics. Methyl Paraben is oil soluble material, hence, it can be inactivated as it melt in the oil phase of cosmetic and its antimicrobial efficacy in water part will be reduced.

In order to solve this problem, cosmetic manufacturer add a large amount of Methyl paraben.

On the other hand Ionpure is water soluble material, / It exists as water containing Ag ions and does not melt in oil.

It is expect that Ionpure shows better preservative efficacy
at lower dosage level,which means customers can reduce the cost for preservative!


According to the below table, Ionpure shows better efficacy than Methyl Paraben against bacteria and fungi at 0.1% dosage level.

(Number of bacteria
at the beginning)
Number of bacteria After 1 week Number of bacteria After 4 weeks
Methyl Paraben
Methyl Paraben
Bacteria Staphylococcus
<1×102 2×105 <1×102 1×103
Eecherichia coli
<1×102 3×105 <1×102 4×103
Candida albicans
<1×102 2×105 <1×102 7×105
Fungi Aspergillus niger
<1×102 4×105 <1×102 1×105

The test was done with hand-made lotion (water and glycerin) containing each products.
Tested by Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center.

Ionpure Methyl Paraben
Antimicrobial Spectral:
Kinds of bacteria the preservative shows efficacy
Wide range Wide, but does not show strong efficacy against gram negative bacteria.
Property Water solubleOil soluble Oil soluble
Safety Acute toxicity LD50 >2000g/kg (Rat) >8g/kg (Mouse)
Acute Eye Irritation*1 Minimally irritating(Rabbit) Moderately irritating(Rabbit)
Heat resistance -
Melting point (℃)
Approximately 500℃ 125℃~129℃
pH range Can be used at wide pH range Hydrolyze at high pH, and reduce its efficacy

*1 Cosmetics ingredients except Paraben normally marks 'Minimally irritating.' It is rare that ingredients mark 'Non-irritating' or 'Practically non-irritating'. (Please see the attached relative classification.)


The active substance of Ionpure is Ag Ions, hence, it shows efficacy at wide pH range. Methyl Paraben hydrolyzes at high pH and reduce its efficacy.

  • <ex>
  • The efficacy at pH7 is 30-40% less than the best efficacy as it is at acid pH.
  • The efficacy at pH8.5 is 50% less than the best efficacy as it is at acid pH.
Heat resistance

Since Ionpure is made of Glass, it is durable at high temperature.(Up to 500)