1819 The company founder, Iwasaburo Ishizuka, started making glass products in current Dota, Kani City, Gifu Prefecture.
1850 Iwasaburo Ishizuka received an official purchase order of glass sculpture from Yoshikatsu Tokugawa who was the lord of Owari Domain at that time.
1888 A new plant was built in Higashiyaba-cho, Nagoya. Our plant in Dota was moved to Nagoya.
1926 A new plant was built in Ekoshi, Gokiso-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya (current Takatsuji-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya).
1927 For the first time in Japan, flint glass was successfully melted in the Siemens-type glass tank furnace, thus opening the door to the mass production of flint glass products.
1961 A new plant was built in Iwakura to start glass tableware production and make a full-scale entry into glass tableware business. Later, glass bottle production was also started to expand our business.
1971 We expanded our glass-making business to include our present “Functional Material Business.”
1972 We entered into plastic container business, which was our first step as a comprehensive manufacturer of containers.
1976 Established IPI Corporation and started the paper package business.
1984 A new plant was built in Tokyo to expand our business into the Kanto region.
1996 We entered into PET bottle business. Later, we expanded into “perform” business.
2003 Operation was started at Himeji plant as a production base in western Japan.
2005 Ishizuka Glass (H.K.) Co., Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong to expand our business into the Chinese market.
2006 We obtained all the shares of IPI Corporation. Thus, IPI Corporation became a subsidiary company of Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd.
2009 Aderia Glass (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd. was founded as a production base of glass tableware in China.
2010 We merged with IPI Corporation.
2012 By joint management with Far Eastern group of Taiwan, Far Eastern Ishizuka Green PET Corporation was established.
2015 Acquired 100% ownership of Narumi Corporation.