Hisatsugu Ishizuka President
Hisatsugu Ishizuka President

Master the secrets of glass and advance into new fields.

Since the establishment in 1819, we have provided a variety of glass products such as glass bottles and glass tableware. In addition, we have developed and commercialized functional glass by exploring new possibilities for use of glass.

Meanwhile, we have developed our business into containers made of other materials by utilizing its function, such as paper packages, plastic bottles and chinaware, according to the change of the times.

Our underlying thought is to realize the social responsibility deeply under the corporate motto, “Sincerity, effort and creation” and to maintain eternally our history taken over from our predecessors even when facing any changes, in order to continuously meet the expectations of all stakeholders including customers. We will challenge to make the next leap forward, to remain a company group contributing continuously by coping flexibly with the change of the times with our philosophy, “Master the secrets of glass and advance into new fields.”